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Calc 105 Pranks, 2003 (aka, boredom-o-rama 03)

Yes, we were bored. here are the results after some duct taping from the other guys and some poster editing from me.

abandon ALL hope ye who enter?

my part......

and my part again....

Alas, the poor innocent (cough cough bullshit) bystanders

HAHAHAH!!!!!!! sucker. We also do this to bank robbers and the French.

If you cant tell, sam is contemplating kicking bond SQUARE IN THE BALL. He only has one, the other was lost in a tragic badger fighting incident. dont ask......

.......anyone want to mount gay rum? Rum is my roommate from last year..........again, dont ask

Heres to sam he's a horses ass........

Engfrosh 01 boat race

Well, after one week at Carleton doing engfrosh (engineering orientation) activities, the week was capped by pulling an all-nighter to build a boat junkyard wars style - we were given nothing to start with at all, not even tools. OUR BOAT WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
on dry land in the quad

another group doing a congo line to a rap version of stayin alive
the startpoint, billings bridge. We had to carry our 175 pound boat there by hand. OW!!
from the Billings bridge to the lock by the campus, almost a kilometer, and our rowers did it in 12.5 min, beating second place by 2 min 43 sec. It is very near the carleton record if not it I think our prize is a keg to split between the whole team (about 30 people) hehehe. anyways, pics time!!

And we're off!!!

look, we're fast!!!

holy friggin crap!! look at that lead!!!! WE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!