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Can YOU spot the irony in this picture?

B-36 Peacemaker

damn, that's a person with his head in the bomb bay to give you an idea of size...

Someone say Beaver???

Thunderbirds are go.... GO SIT IN A FIELD!

B47 anyone? let's hope this one won't crash while carrying two-20 megaton nukes... free night light

B-50 (b29 with new engines)


Edwards AFB - aircraft stored outdoors near main runway until museum is built. Taken July 1999

A10 2 seater

A/T 37 (and our RV in the background)

and a C-7

OOOh, San Diego and Norfolk SHIPS!!!

USS Tarawa at Norfolk

Nuclear (nucular) subs heading out from San Diego

and some ship, dont know what class (arleigh-burke?)