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Various 1/1 scale planes

First off, Patuxtant River Naval Air Station Museum.
A-7 Corsair

F-4 Phantom


F-18 Hornet

A-6 Intruder

Uh-1 Huey

and finally Skyray (or batwing...)

Andrews AFB airshow 2001

That is the opening ceremony; with Thunderbirds, EP-3 orion, howitzers, redcoats, and medals presented to the crew of the EP-3 that had a little accident with a Chinese-built Mig-21 called an F-5.
New Way to deliver pizza?

This Yak 9 flew in unannounced (to my knowledge) and is still one of the most beautiful aircraft to this date.

Heres the same show 2 years earlier. Notice a weather trend?

Andrews AFB airshow 1998
Um...what to put first... how about the flightline as it looked when we drove in?
If you count 3 harriers, 2 cobras, an f-15, 2 huey/bell 212's and a transport...
and an early-in-the-day AH-1 display

CF-18 (here ya go Nick!)

flight time!

c130, harrier

And this was cool! 8 C-130's dropping a total of 400 82nd airborne troops

this needs no introduction! and the longbow apache

the jolly grey giant ...paddywhack, give the dog a strategic bomber

wanna tell me why Washington DC's air national guard is based in Maryland?

For Yuri, the strike eagle and for someone else, the F-5

SUPERHORNET! and a massive man made cave known as the C-5

It wasnt all jets!

Lonestar Museum in Texas

Grumman Tracker engine

B-25 engine and b25

Colorful TBM Avenger