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Seiran's Scale Model and Aircraft Site
First off, I would link you guys to the Royal New Zealand Air Force website, but being that they just cut their strike wing completely, its kinda pointless because now it's just a government-run airline. I already miss the skyhawks (grumble grumble).
here you will find (hopefully) pics... works in progress/OLD MODELS!
AND Patuxtant NAS, Andrews AFB airshows, Lonestar, Texas
Castle AFB, Edwards AFB, both in CA

NEW! XP-55 walkaround pics! get them here

Carleton Engineering boat race 01

reviews of kits
lots o' helpful and arse-kickin' links
anything else I feel like adding

this is my girlfriend, Anne. Aint she beautiful?

In the mean time, try this stuff out!

for all of your scale modeling needs, hyperscale and modeling madness

of course, that fun lookin' japanese floatplane background is the Aichi M6A1 Seiran - it was a submarine-based attack plane that was originally planned to bomb the Gaton locks on the Panama Canal (devious, eh?) read about it's history and restoration here